Milonee has been around for decades and has served the Bengali community of Colorado as a central platform to practice and promote various aspects of our traditions, customs and culture. It all started with a small group of Bengali families living here in Colorado many many years ago. Today, it has evolved into a large community of varied age group and background. We all share a common interest and love for our culture and traditions. Even though we have grown significantly we still maintain the essence of a large family and welcome any and every new member with open arms and make them our own. Each year under Milonee's banner we congregate to celebrate at least three to four events and feel the love and warmth of the community around us. This year too, the tradition will continue in much the same manner. Milonee of Colorado also organizes special cultural events from time to time, performed by artists visiting from India. In May 2011 'Milonee of Colorado' has achieved the tax exempt status under section 501(c) of the internal revenue code.

Tax Exempt Organization

In May 2011 'Milonee of Colorado' has achieved the tax exempt status under section 501(c) of the internal revenue code.


Milonee organizes numerous events throughout the year. See the upcoming events here. Details of the events from the past few years can be found here.


Milonee publishes Tuli Kolom (তুলি কলম), a yearly magazine with stories, poems, art works/pictures and lot more. Magazines from past few years can be found here


Becoming a member of Milonee, you will receive event notifications and invitations from Milonee in a timely manner. You can register to Milonee by clicking here. To browse the list of current members click here.

We will be celebrating our next event Shrabon Sondhya involving local artists from Epar ar Opar Bangla. We are also very excited to announce that Iman Chakraborty, the renowned Rabindra Sangeet and Folk artist from Kolkata will be performing live during this event.
Many of you have already got the tickets and for those of you who have not purchased the tickets yet, please respond to the Evite to reserve your tickets - we will work with you to deliver the tickets once we hear back from you.

Durga Puja

October 2015

Lakshmi Puja

October/November 2015

Diwali/Kali Puja

November 2015